Most frequent questions and answers

Firstly, it gives us pleasure to know that you want to become a part of us. To become a member of CR you need to have passion for reading, writing and helping others with comprehension. Generally you need to be a literature enthusiast. You must avail yourself to carry out the voluntary work of CR Foundation whereby we run book clubs from primary schools to tertiary institutions. You also need to be able to contribute to the CR Magazine with articles, editing, etc,. Finally you might be hired under CR publishers as a freelancer to d work based on your skills and the availability of the opportunities.

If this sounds like you, please navigate to the contact page and send us a message or contact us.


CR is divided into 3 facets, CR magazine and CR Foundation hires people on voluntary basis, and CR Publisher hires freelancers based on the availability of opportunities and based on their skills. Usually, we hire people who volunteer their time to CR Foundation and Magazine unless and we only outsource when we have a shortage of skills.

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Hybrid Publishing: Hybrid publishing allows authors to find high quality publishing services within one company so they don’t have to act as general contractors, hiring all the services they need separately. Though as with traditional publishers, not every publisher is the same.

Disclaimer: The CR operates with a different revenue model than traditional publishing and other hybrid publishers, while keeping the rest of the practices of traditional publishing the same. The revenue source of a traditional publisher is through the sale of books (and other related materials) that they publish. At CR publishers, the revenue of hybrid publishing comes from the fees charged for the execution of our publishing services we do not market and distribute the books. We can only distribute digitally and the author keeps all the profits.

Though we might retain the printing rights of the print version of the book depending on the contractual agreement with the hybrid author.

Hybrid author : Hybrid author is an author who has self-published an eBook. Then sells the print rights for that book to a traditional publisher while retaining the electronic rights. 

Self publishing : Authors publish their book on their own without any help or contract out specific services such as editing or cover design. Hybrid publishing allows authors to find high quality publishing services within one company so they don’t have to act as general contractors, hiring all the services they need separately. 

Self publishing affords the author freedom in exactly how they decide to get their book to market. Hybrid publishing may restrict some of this creative freedom in the same way that traditional publishers operate, doing what they believe is best for the book and the market rather than the author leading the editorial and design decisions. Each hybrid publisher is different and vary by how much creative freedom they give authors, and other criteria.

Disclaimer: Courtecy of CR Foundation, Self-publishing is free. However, since we do not edit the book, we are not liable for errors that may be sustained and we do not identify with the book as published by CR, hence it is called self publishing. The author takes full responsibility and credit for the book.